Power, precision and play

Workshop weekend with Zain Syed aka Yogizain


Friday, Saturday and Sunday 07., 08. and 09.06.24


Don‘t miss your chance to join this incredible workshop weekend with Zain (Instagram @yogizain) from California! We‘re thrilled to offer a total of four incredibly fun and uplifting workshop sessions (several booking options available). All workshops are open to open to students with a minimum regular asana practice of minimum one year - this is your chance to dive deeper into your yoga experience. If you're not sure if this is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

 - Handstand Jam (07.06., 19.00h, 2.5 hrs)
Part technique clinic and part balance playground — here we jam out and practice all things related to standing on your hands! In this unique offering, come and learn tips and tricks from Zain as he has learned along his journey of handstanding. Come and explore different skills and drills to practice routinely and improve your handstand game.  Open to all levels. No raw beginners. No wrist or shoulder injuries. 

SATURDAY 1 - Motion Is The Lotion (08.06., 12.30h, 3 hrs)
A dynamic practice of traditional asanas with integration of modern functional mobility. Students will learn techniques for the art of jumpings in vinyasas and preparation material to progress in arm balances. Motion is the lotion to move through the ocean of life. Open to all levels. No raw beginners.

SATURDAY 2Power of the Chair Prop (08.06., 17.00h, 2 hrs)

Experience some very fun options to use a folding chair as your best buddy for classic asana adaption and development. This workshop will change the way you see a chair - and it‘s capability of lifting up your asana practice! Open to all levels. No raw beginners.

SUNDAY Heart Openers for Humanity (09.06., 12.30h, 3 hrs)
This class is dedicated to the liberation of Palestine. Come practice the art of backbends and embark on a voyage for collective liberation. Each stretch and each breath becomes a celebration of our interconnectedness. Imagine yourself as a radiant beacon, igniting the flame of compassion within as you arch gracefully into each backbend. With every movement we unfurl the layers of our being, inviting in love, empathy, and understanding—not just for ourselves but for all beings. Together, let's align our moral compass, open our hearts and weave a tapestry of healing and unity for all humanity. Open to all levels. No raw beginners.


Ticket and booking options (please click on the bold print for direct booking access, you will see all available booking options during the booking process whilst clicking at „Mehr anzeigen/ show more“)


Fri, 19.00h: Handstand Jam 2.5 hrs (Single ticket: 50 EUR Regular, 45 EUR Early)

Sat, 12.30h: Motion is Lotion 3 hrs (Single ticket: 65 EUR Regular, no Early available)

Sat, 17.00h: Power of chair prop 2 hrs (Single ticket: 45 EUR Regular, no Early available)

Sun, 12.30h: Heart openers for humanity 3 hrs (Single ticket: 65 EUR Regular, 55 EUR Early)


Two combination tickets available (each available for first ten bookings and payment until 30.04.24):

Full Weekend: All four workshops special Early price 155 EUR, Regular price 185 EUR

Full Saturday: Both „Motion is Lotion“ and „Chair Power“ special price 95 EUR 



10% of all earnings will be donated to fundraisers for Gaza/ Palestine (details to be announced on Yogakulas Instagram).


To get most out of the weekend, we recommend to book the Full Weekend ticket for the mind blowing price of 155/ 185 EUR.

If you can make only the Saturday, go for the Full Saturday Ticket for 95 EUR.

Of course all workshops are available as single booking too, but please understand that due to the limited amount of spots availability of single bookings may vary and especially the Early bird pricing for Full Weekend and the Regular Full Saturday are limited to a max total number of 10 tickets (booked and paid via bank transfer to Yogakula) by the end of April. All pricing and booking subject to availability, changes without further notice may apply.


About Zain
Zain Syed, from California, is a celebrated practitioner in the online yoga community. His fun videos on social media have inspired many around the world to explore creative ways into practice.
With years of training from senior Iyengar Yoga teachers and studying with his mentor, Carrie Owerko, he brings a dynamic blend of power, precision and play into his teaching.
Zain has travelled and visited over 20 countries to share practice with communities overseas. Always a student at heart, he stays curious to learn movement education and aspires to share the joy of movement with others.
Our general terms and conditions (booking, payment, data security) do apply. Please note that due to the expected demand no cancellation/ refund will be possible, but of course you can send a substitute in case you cannot attend yourself.

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Bitte beachte, dass eine eventuell vom Buchungssystem mitgeteilte Stornofrist "bis 07.06.24" oder auch anders lautende keine Gültigkeit hat, es gelten ausschließlich folgende Bestimmungen:


Bis drei Wochen vor dem Event kann die Teilnahme mit Erstattung abzgl. einer Bearbeitungsgebühr storniert werden, danach kann nach Absprache ein*e Ersatzteilnehmer*in gestellt werden. Natürlich wissen wir, dass im Leben manchmal Dinge völlig unerwartet passieren können, die wir selbst nicht beeinflussen können. In diesem Fall finden wir ganz bestimmt eine gemeinsame Lösung, sprich uns ggf. einfach an.