800hrs Certified Jivamuktiyoga Teacher

Lifetime yoga student.

Greece and Germany lover.

Gratitude for all in life.

Love * Peace * Harmony

"Hi am Glikería, a 800hrs cert. Jivamuktiyoga teacher. My yoga journey started in 2013, and from the first class that I took in Berlin I was drawn to the Jivamuktiyoga. I took various immersions within the method before I decided to go for the teacher training in 2017 in India.


The 4 weeks teacher training was very transformational with my dear teacher Sharon Gannon which was the last training she facilitated!


Since 2017 I teach regular classes. In 2020 I decided to dive deeper into the method, so I took my additional 500 hrs apprenticeship @Jivamukti Yoga Centre in Luxemburg with my mentor Alexandra. I am deeply grateful for the intense time & my sangha there!


Since then I am regular taking immersions with jivamuktiyoga senior teachers like Jules Febre, Hemma Henry, Yogeswari, Moritz Ulrich, Petros Haffenrichter and others."